Adoption Process

We adopt to homes within New England states only


All adoptions begin with an application and a  non-refundable donation. Because we are a short-staffed, all-volunteer organization with a high volume of correspondence, we cannot respond to adoption inquiries until your application and donation have been received. Please allow up to 2  weeks to receive a reply from one of our hard-working volunteers.  


Apply Now (Print/Mail App) Application Donation Apply Now (online)

$25 personal check or cash, $28 online via Paypal


After review and verification of your application, a GDRNE volunteer will call to discuss your situation in greater detail. We are committed to identifing potential problems with a placement before they happen, so some of our questions may seem rather intrusive. Because Great Danes bond so closely to their people, we do all in our power to ensure that each one is placed into its forever home.  In addition to the application review and a phone interview, background checks and a home visit are required prior to final approval.  Home visit scheduling is based wholly upon volunteer availability.


Once your application is approved, a GDRNE volunteer will work closely with you to identify which Dane is the best fit for your family. Temperament and exercise requirements, rather than color, size or ear set are the primary considerations.   Prior to placement each Dane is sterilized. To offset veterinary costs, an adoption fee of $450.00 is customary. Please carefully review the adoption agreement. We contractually reserve the right to take possession of the dog if a breach of the adoption agreement is identified.


We appreciate your patience, as it is difficult to predict when your "perfect match" will become available.