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Our Mission

GDRNE's mission is to help Great Danes in need through education, outreach, foster care and placement within the New England states.

Our Vision

We wish to see an end to homelessness and suffering for all Great Danes living in New England. We look to the day when, thanks to education and accountable breeding practices, every Great Dane in our service area is loved and cherished by a caring forever family.

Who We Are

Great Dane Rescue of New England, Inc., is a diverse group of experienced Great Dane rescue volunteers who united in June 2012 to more effectively support New England's Great Danes in need and the families who surrender, foster and adopt them. GDRNE is tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization under of the Internal Revenue Code. 

What We Do

Our foster families restore the rescue Danes' mental and physical well-being through medical intervention, obedience training, behavior management and most importanly--love and nurturing. Following rehabilitation, fosters are placed into loving, forever homes that understand and appreciate all that is unique about the breed. GDRNE offers support and guidance for prior, current and future Great Dane owners. As a community resource, we work
to raise awareness about issues that impact the welfare of Great Danes within our region. 

Our Values


We provide gentle, loving training and wellness care to every Dane in our program.


We actively seek to partner and collaborate with other animal rescue as well as human service groups.


Our actions are directed solely toward serving Great Danes and their humans, with no expectation of financial gain or personal recognition.

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