The miracle Dane on the run finally comes home!  Thanks to all the heroes who made this story a happy ending!!!

Enzyme’s Homecoming..January 19, 2020 the day we never thought would come ... it doesn’t seem real. I never slept last night because I can’t believe this miracle happened.
We will be changing her name to something that suits her and meaningful.

Enzyme came into our rescue on November 13, 2019 after we pulled her from a shelter in Massachusetts, where she was surrendered two weeks prior to that for a change of life situation.
Enzyme was placed in a foster home with extensive Great Dane experience and a 6 foot fence surrounding the property, which is one of our requirements.
On Wednesday, November 15th, Enzyme was outside with her foster mom when she got startled by a big bang from next door and she went into a frenzy running in circles and proceeded to climb up the 6 foot fence and pulled herself over.
This was in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
She has been on the run every since....

After over two months on the run, countless hours of searching, sleepless nights worrying about her, she is finally safe.

This girl's travels were mapped and for the sightings we know of, she traveled close to 350 miles in the two months she was gone!!!!
We have officially retired her infamous pink collar and replaced it with a worthy one for her .. a collar a very special dane, Tyson never got to wear .. this girl she has earned it!
Lots of tears today ... disbelief and happiness ..
She had close to 100 ticks on her that have now been safely all removed..tonight she let me bath her with a warm cloth and wipe her down.. I think she actually enjoyed it .. she has eaten multiple small bland meals...but her poor little belly isn't happy right now.
She will be going to the vet on Friday-we choose to wait as she needs to learn to trust us to keep her stress level to the most minimal .
She will get a full work up.. CBC , 4dx and a few other panels, getting put on a special diet, and xrays and ultrasound, stool and urine test to cover all areas .. she will see our rescue vet Dr William Truesdale at Central Ave Vet.
It's amazing how when I take her out to potty she is absolutely terrified to be outside.. tail tucked and on high alert she does not want to be out there at all.. and wants to run right back into the house.. and just being out there for the few minutes -I can’t for the life of me know how she survived in these temperatures .. she had to have an angel watching over her to help her survive .

We have a long road medically, physically and most of all emotionally
If you would like to donate to her vet care you can visit out website and donate to PayPal or to Dr Truesdale directly under Great Dane Rescue -Enzyme-as once she is healthy we will need to spay and tack her stomach.

Also, you can also make a donation to Missing Dogs Massachusetts for all their time and dedication in never giving up hope to bring our girl home.

And if you would like to send our girl a care package of treats, blankets, beds, toys, and anything else you would like to donate please message us privately and we will give you an address to send it to.. she really could use so many things of her own..

We will also be looking for a kennel run to set up outside so she can go out safely and enjoy the weather so she is not constantly on a leash

Any Donation would be greatly appreciated for Enzyme’s medical care and any extras for her to have all her own to make her feel at home.

Thank you for all your continued support of this very special girl❤️❤️

RIP pink collar

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