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You no longer greet me, as I walk through the door.
You're not there to make me smile, to make me laugh anymore.
Life seems quiet without you, you were far more than a pet.
You were a family member, a friend
. . . a loving soul I'll never forget.
It will take time to heal - for the silence to go away.
I still listen for you, and miss you every day.
You were such a great companion, constant, loyal and true.
My heart will always wear, the pawprints left by you.

-Teri Harrison

Pawprints Left by You 

Chester  December 2014

Jeff & Rachel Wilson


"Today our world has shattered and our hearts are broken, our dear boy Chester has passed over the rainbow bridge, he passed peacefully at home lying in the sun that he has always loved surrounded by his family and friends that loved him dearly.


There will be no more pain, no more struggle. We promised you we would not let you suffer or lose your dignity, you will be remembered just as you were, strong, full of life and energy, your handsome face that we loved to kiss, your st...rong will to do what you wanted to do. We will miss our Monday morning trips to the bank, taking over our bed, stealing grandmas food, your nibbles and lip lifts, you being the referee of your brothers and sisters, but most of all your presence, the sound of those feet, we always knew when you were coming to greet us. We are eternally grateful that you entered our lives and became a member of our family, we are honored that you picked us to love you.
Our time was too short and we wanted so much more for you, but you have bigger plans, you have to guide us now, be our angel always watching over us and your brothers and sisters.


We have a big whole in hearts and you will forever and always have a piece of them, we will forever cherish the time we had with you and will miss you more than you can imagine, you my love were a testament of true devotion and made us better people.


So goodbye my love, run free, chase cats, feel no pain, show all your Dane friends in heaven how its done. One day we will be together again, but know you will always have our hearts and be our soul, we will feel you with us always. We love you Chester to the moon and back a million times."

Truman  October 2014

Kerri & Evan Marceau

We loved you from the minute we saved you! You fought so hard for so long and you were such a love. You took a piece of my heart with you today but I know you are at peace, and I am grateful that I was there in the beginning and now when you has to leave us. I will kiss those jowels and ears in my prays tonight and forever love that face of yours. Thank you Kerri Marceau and Evan Dwyer for loving Truman so much and all the care you gave him and his sister Bessie. He loved you both so much. Please run free over those rainbows and flowers without pain and struggle. Be our angel now and watch over all of us. I will miss you forever"

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