Enzyme has been found!!!

Where do we begin... words cannot express how thankful and overwhelmed with raw emotions that this nightmare has finally come to an end in a good way.
We can't even begin to thank enough the following folks.... Deb from Missing Dogs Massachusetts, Mary ACO in Townsend, Ashby & Pepperell, Kathy ACO in Lunenburg, Susan & Holly from Granite State Recovery, Maureen, Linda, all the families of the homes that let us set up cameras, bait stations, all the homes that put food out for us, left doors and sheds open, all of the folks Toni, GDRNE Volunteers and countless others that went out all hours of the days and nights, hanging flyers just keeping your eyes open, all the police departments that stayed on alert for this girl.
Thank you to everyone that called in sightings, tips that kept their eyes open for her... these were the most important to help us track where she has been and was going.
Thank you to every single person that sent a prayer, well wishes, lite a candle for her safe return.

Enzyme went missing on Novmeber 13th at 5pm - it has been 2 months and 3 days -she is a survivor and resilient ...not a day hour or minute went by that she wasn't on our minds, there wasn't a night that went by that we got a good nights sleep... waiting for a phone call or a text that she was found, she was caught or worse.

We will update more as we go, tonight she is with one of her main people Mary -tomorrow she will be coming back into rescue where she will remain with me for now and maybe forever, she will get to the vet this week and get a full work up of everything she will needs but importantly lots of love and a warm bed.

We can say for being out for that amount of time she was she is not in as bad shape as she could be.
She is loaded with ticks and about 60 have been pulled off so far, she has many tick sores, her paw pads are in fairly good shape, nails are pretty ground down, she has many cuts and abrasions on her legs, head and ears, one ear may have a bit of frost bite. But all things considered she is in good shape.

Tomorrow we will get more photos and again keep you all posted and updated on her progress and more than likely a new name that better fits our precious girl.

Thank you thank you thank you again to everyone!!

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