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Adoption Process

We adopt to homes within New England states only


All adoptions begin with an application and a  non-refundable donation. Because we are a short-staffed, all-volunteer organization with a high volume of correspondence, we cannot respond to adoption inquiries until your application and donation have been received. Please allow up to 2  weeks to receive a reply from one of our hard-working volunteers.  


After review and verification of your application, a GDRNE will enter your appication into our database. We will then seek to find a rescue Dane who will match your environment and if we find a match, we will begin to process your application further. We will call you and if we believe you are a fit move on to the reference checks and ultimately the home visit before a Dane is placed in your home. Temperament and exercise requirements, rather than color, size or ear set are the primary considerations. 


Once a rescue Dane is identified for your and your application is qualified, we will then work to coordinate placing the Dane in your home. This could be within days or a few weeks depending on the circumstances. To offset veterinary costs and all the spay/neuter fees we absorb (far above any adoption donation), we ask for $450.00 is customary donation. Please carefully review the adoption agreement. We contractually reserve the right to take possession of the dog if a breach of the adoption agreement is identified. All donation are tax deductible as we are a 501c3 charitable organization.


We appreciate your patience, as it is difficult to predict when your "perfect match" will become available!

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