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Danes in Rehabilitation


One of the hardest parts of rescue is witnessing the neglect and abuse of a Dane. Equally hard is seeing a Dane with severe medical conditions that are challenging to treat. GDRNE does what we can to help Danes who have no voice and cannot help themselves. We work very hard to raise the needed funds for their expensive veterinary care.


Thanks to our fantastic fosters we treat both their physical needs, as well as their mental needs. We know in time, with love and professional support we can give these Danes the second change, and forever homes they so deserve. Please read about our Danes who are currently in rehabilitation below.

GATSBY and PHEOBE came to us as a result of a seizure in Connecticut of both these dogs along with many other neglected animals. They were kept in a kennel outside and as you can see were literally starved. 


Pheobe - on the left - is a sweet girl only 8 months old. She loves to play and is learning to be an indoor dog, and all that comes with just being a dog as well.


Gatsby, approximately 2 years old, is also in foster care and will take a bit longer to heal, both physically and emotionally. He is being trained, as he is a big boy, and he is putting on weight and getting much needed medical attention. 


Both will be going to loving adoptive homes when they are healed and ready.

Medical Needs and Abused: Gus is on the Road to Recovery

GUS came to GDRNE as a 7 month old surrender having been under the watch of an ACO. His condition was deplorable. He had HOD (Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy) - a joint inflamation and infection - that had gone untreated so long he became septic. He also suffers from Panosteitis, swelling of the bones, which is painful to say the least. He had skin lesions due to not being bathed, fleas and so much more which created secondary infections. It took a week of care at Pieper Memorial Hospital to get him stable enough to go into foster care. 


In time we learned his hip had been crushed due to trauma, as well as multiple fractures in his legs and throughouth is poor little body. At such a young age his condition was deplorable. 


We have since treated his infections but he continues to suffer HOD and Panosteitis flares which are treated to the extend possible, until he outgrows these conditions. Gus receives physical therapy and has to be lifted off the ground manually by his foster everytime he wants to stand up.


Even though he has suffered abuse and neglect, we see a fire in his eyes to live, survive and thrive. He has the spirit to overcome even if he will never be perfect. He is perfect to us and we will continue to fight for him day and night to make his life whole again. And look forward, many months from now, for a recovery that allows him to be in a forever, LOVING home, finally. 

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