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Foster a New England Great Dane in Need

Foster Program

Foster families do so much more than provide a roof over a homeless Great Dane's head and a meal in his tummy. Through careful observation, they help GDRNE's evaluators determine the best forever home for each unique Dane. 


Here are some things we look for in our foster families - even if you do not meet these criteria please still apply we have some dogs that are more flexible then others.

  • Plan on a 4-6 week stay. Some will stay less, some more but this is "on average" a standard timeline.

  • We cannot guarantee the timeline, we do what we can to get a dog adopted as soon as possible but it largely up to the dog's needs.

  • Foster Danes have special needs in most cases. Medical, behavioral, etc. Know they are not "perfect".

  • You cannot pick your foster - we will match a foster family to their foster Dane based on environment, family structure, experience, location, etc.

  • Most foster danes require a fenced in yard - not only due to the dog's needs, but we are liable for the dog while in foster care; and what that dog does if he ever were to "escape". (Blind/Deaf dogs required fenced in areas)

  • Ability to transport the dog to vet as needed; we attempt to get vets close by but we also need to work with vets tha provide discounts to rescues and know large breeds.

  • Behavior issues may require the foster to take the dog to training.

  • Small kids is not a disqualification but understand some fosters we do not know well yet and sometimes it can be a safety measure not to place a foster with small kids due to a dane's size or until we know how they are with children.

  • Unneutered or unspayed animals in the house also can present issues as our fosters may be waiting to be spayed/neutered themselves.

  • Large number of animals in the household also can be a concern in the event the foster is not able to asimilate, and again we are not always sure how the foster does with other animals.


These are some guidelines to let you know what we feel is "ideal" but no household is going to have all of the above. We look for the best fit for the dog. Some dogs are fantastic with kids, some have great recall or are not mobile enough to require a fence. We do go case by case so apply and we can talk about the rigth foster for your individual environment.

Also SPREAD THE WORD! We need qualified fosters AND adopters so keep pointing people to our website for more information - and THANK YOU!


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