My Dog Hates the Vet

You are not alone when your dog does not like the vet. It can be their age, puppies are fearful at various stages, their background, or just do not like being probed. Let’s face it do we love the doctor?

Some of the issue is that most vet offices feel like, well, offices! They are harsh, have wonky smells and generally are not overly inviting to our pets in that way. Even though most vets go out of their way to be friendly it sometimes cannot compensate for the fact that they are in a very different place than home.

Here are some general tips that might help you from our experiences. There are probably many more but we summed it up to the following five:

Socialization – when people say “socialize your pet” they mean from when they are a puppy onward. Sometimes we get rescues dogs who are not that social so what does this mean? Properly exposing your pet to other people and animals is what we mean. Maybe from a distance at first, a safe park that they won’t have people or pets in their face so to speak. Just to help them get less and less stimulated by new environments. Do not force a fearful pet into a cramped store or play group until you know they will enjoy it. Little steps here go a long way! And never scold them for growling – instead give them happy talk. “Good boy” whenever they see a human even if they growl. This will associate goodness with people or pets, not scolding and terror. Eventually with patience they