And Here Come the Guests!

The holidays seem to bring so much – cheer, good will, presents, food, and fun! They can also introduce guests to your home, where you have a dog.

Handing the holidays is tough enough, but if you have a dog that is not exactly a social butterfly can make it far more stress filled. What do you do? Lock him away? Put him a kennel? Tell your guests to not come? Let him mingle?

It is a complex answer as every situation can be different, however we will try to boil down some thoughts and experiences for you to consider. Not every experience is the same and as always, you know your dog and guests best, so err on the side of caution!

Mr. McBarky Doorman – Yes, some dogs bark when people come to the door. They can growl, scratch at the door or other notifications of the sort. Typically a dog will do this out of fear or being startled. It should not be condoned but it often is challenging to stem off. First try and put a barrier between the door and your dog permanently. A gat