Fences Make the Best Neighbors!

Ah - the age old question to fence or not to fence when you own a dog. We here at Great Dane Rescue of New England are huge proponents of physical fencing. If you can afford the 7’ privacy fencing great, if not whatever is within budget is great with one exception, electrical fencing.

Certainly the electric fence industry has seen an incredible boom in recent years. It is for good reason, affordability, flexibility and aesthetics to name a few. If you have a large yard it can be quite expensive to put in a physical fence therefore an electric fence can be a more economical option. Some feel their “natural borders” create enough of a property line marker for their dogs to know where the limits are.

We in rescue get asked the question about why we have a requirement for a fence for a given dog. To answer that question, we need to consider both the type of fencing and the temperament of the dog in the same context. Discussing one without the other would only partially answer the question.

Typically when a rescue indicates “fence required” it means fully fenc