It's All Fun and Games!

We all hear these tales of how the dog was fantastic but now it is aggressive, it is not safe around children, or it has high prey drive. While not all dogs can be taught to be better behaved on all counts, many can. This blog is about positively identifying these behaviors early and reinforcing the good, not the bad.

If your Dane was taught these behaviors prior it is not too late but that will be another post. Best advice is to get a reputable trainer to work with you personally to form a program for dogs that have not had the advantage of a solid foundation of behavior management.

Puppy Play Rights and WrongsPuppies love to play, get the “zoomies” just like their adult counter parts and yes, they can get bored too. Some dogs are fine with a basket of toys and potential playmate dogs in the home, while others have some challenge in understanding boundaries.

We will be going through a few areas t